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Policy of quality system

Our efforts are aimed at the ensuring of  high quality of the services being provided for construction of industrial projects.

The integral characteristic of our services is compliance with national, industry and corporate standards, rules and regulations.

We aspire to adopt progressive constructive and technological decisions based on scientific research data and aimed at continuous development and perfecting of work organization system in construction.

We aspire to interpret activities of our Company as integrated process and to treat our colleague at the following stage of work as an internal consumer.

Our personnel is the major value of our Company. Our task is to organize and stimulate continuous improvement of professional skills and competence of each executive.

Each employee is responsible for the quality of his job, every his decision or action is aimed at carrying out the Company’s obligations to the customers and partners.

No reasons of economic, technical or other nature, can not be taken into account if they are contrary to the interests of security of the personnel, population and environment.

Realizing the responsibility to the personnel, consumers and society as a whole the company management undertakes:

- to make managerial decisions based on actual data, and to make maximum efforts for the improvement and continuous increasing of productivity and effectiveness of Quality Management System and the Company’s activities;

- during making the managerial decisions to be guided by the basic approaches and principles of management founded in the state standard GOST R ISO 9001 and fixed in internal normative documents of “Termoelektro”.