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The company started its activities in 1948 as a company installing power plants in Yugoslavia. Since that time “Termoelektro” D.O.O. has been engaged in designing, engineering, construction, assembly and installation of the most complicated and strategically important industrial projects in the energy sector, oil refining, petrochemical, metallurgical and industrial facilities.

During this period more than 1,3 million tons of equipment, pipelines, steel constructions were mounted by the company. Dozens of thermal and hydro power plants up to 7 000 MW total capacity were constructed, 1 500 MW of them – abroad. Assembly and installation of technological equipment was done at 5 oil refineries. Dozens of objects of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy and other industries were built and installed.

“Termoelektro” D.O.O. resumed its activities in the German market in 2003 taking part in the construction of the power plants for RWE, the main energy system of Germany: the company carried out construction of two boiler systems at Boxberg TPP; assembly of the boiler pressure pipelines at Moorburg and Lünen TPP is going on.

The following kinds of non-standard equipment are being manufactured at the production plant of the company: tanks, containers, pipelines for dust, gas and water etc. volume up to 300 tons a month. “Termoelektro” D.O.O. has its own Technical Centre for examination of operating equipment including accredited laboratories for different tests and Welder centre, performing welder trainings in the range from the elementary to the highest level of qualification. The company has got an extended park of vehicles and mechanisms. The number of the company’s personnel today is more than 1 000 specialists.

Metallurgical plant, Smederevo, Serbia

Petrochemical complex, Panchevo, Serbia

Cement factory Lafarge, Beochin, Serbia

Pre-assembly site, Boxberg

Erection of steam boiler, Boxberg

Installation of steam turbine, Boxberg

General view of the site, Lünen

General view of the site, Lünen

Welding at the erection of the boiler, Lünen

Erection of the boilers, Moorburg

Erection of the boiler, Moorburg


Erection of the boiler, Moorburg