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“Termoelektro” LLC (Moscow)

“Termoelektro” LLC (Moscow) was founded in 2008 to participate in implementation of the Power Strategy approved by the Government of the Russian Federation until 2030, as well as to enter the international market of EPC-contractors in the field of power engineering in the near future.

Nowadays “Termoelektro” is a rapidly developing company on construction of power projects; its main personnel is composed of qualified specialists with the richest operational experience in Russia and abroad. The Company carries out construction and installation of the most complicated, strategically important industrial projects in the field of power engineering and other industries. Constantly increasing the volumes of its activities, the company has already become well-known in this sphere and takes a worthy position in the energy construction field.

The company has implemented an effective functioning quality management system which conforms to international standards DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, certified by the famous European agency TÜV Hessen.

Certificate of SRO “Soyuzatomstroy” confirms permit to works influencing safety in specially hazardous, technically complicated, unique and other capital construction objects in the course of construction, reconstruction, capital repair works. Certificate of SRO “Association of general contractors in construction” grants permit to works influencing safety in capital construction objects. Licences issued by Federal service for ecological, technical and atomic supervision entitles to construct nuclear power station (NPS) and to make examinations of industrial security. Licence issued by Ministry of the Russian Federation for Emergency Situations is granted for performance of works on assembly, repairs and maintenance of fire safety support tools in buildings and structures. The company has also got Certificate of attestation of non-destructive metal and weld joints examination laboratory, Certificate of conformance of occupational safety works issued by Ministry of Health Care and Social Development of the Russian Federation, Certificate of conformance of occupational security management system standard OHSAS 18001:2007 and ecological management system standard ISO 14001:2004 and also licence to application of a mark of conformity of voluntary certification systems of products and services, quality management systems "Tekhnoprogress" of Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology of the Russian Federation.

The company structure includes Zabaikalsky branch in Zabaykalsky Krai (Yasnogorsk town), Cherepetsky branch in Tula region (Suvorov town), Ivanovsky branch in Ivanovskaya region (Shuya town), Voronezhsky branch in Voronezhskaya region (Novovoronezh town), Beryozovsky branch in Krasnoyarsky region (Sharypovo town) and Gusinoozyorsky branch in Republic of Buryatiya (Gusinoozyorsk town).

“Termoelektro” disposes of highly skilled professionals with experience in managing large construction projects in Russia, Ukraine, CIS countries, Iran, Iraq and other countries, the company has also got a team of engineers and technicians with rich experience in construction of power projects, and assembling of mechanical equipment, teams of trained, certified workers, builders, assemblers, welders, and special construction workers. This high labor potential is the guarantor of potential possibilities of the company. Headcount of “Termoelektro” now stands at about 1 400 employees.

The company has an extended park of lifting equipment, namely: “BK-1000” - 2 pcs., “SKR-2200EM”, “KS-8165”, “KS-50-42”- allowing to carry out installation of metal structures of main buildings and installation of main and auxiliary equipment and process piping thermal and nuclear power plants. There is a certified laboratory for non-destructive methods of inspection of welded joints. To ensure the full cycle of the process the company has modern welding equipment, small-scale mechanization and automobile park.