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Letter of recommendation
ZAO “Energoproekt” expresses its gratitude to General Director and all personnel of LLC “Termoelektro” for the positive experience of cooperation with your company during more than a year of mutual work.
In 2009, LLC “Termoelektro” performed as a turnkey contract or working on the project of installation of mobile gas turbine powered electric generating units, near “Ignatovo” substation 110 kV (Moscowregion), 3 units each of them 22,5 MW. The project was accomplished at proper time with good quality.
Complex approach to the organization of the installation process & high-qualified personnel made it possible to implement the project with required quality & on time.
Pursuant to the positive experience of cooperation with your company ZAO “Energoproekt” recommends LLC “Termoelektro” as a reliable and highly skilled partner in the sphere of implementation of EPC-contracts &  performing the function of turnkey contractor. 
General director                                        Valery Zaytsev



(“ERECTION DEPARTMENT-9”)                                                               
Letter of recommendation

Currently, LLC “Termoelektro” has been working as a subcontractor on erection of a detached main building of unit numbers 8 and 9 with a capacity 225 MW each of Cherepetskaya thermal power plant. Operations are conducted in strict accordance with the approved construction schedule.
During operations, LLC “Termoelektro” has proved itself as a reliable and responsible contractor performing its obligations.
There is no claims for quality of carried out works. The company employs highly qualified staff, has their own cranes and other lifting devices, all the necessary welding and other equipment. LLC “MONTAZHNOE UPRAVLENIE-9 MOSENERGOMONTAZH” (“MU-9MEM”) recommends LLC “Termoelektro” for cooperation in erection of high-risk industrial facilities.

General director                                        Viktor Milovanov



Letter of recommendation
During the period from May 2009 to October 2009, LLC “Termoelektro” performed as a subcontractor working on erection o the frame of the main building coal-fired power unit № 3 with a capacity of 225 MW Kharanorskaya Power Plant.
During operations, LLC “Termoelektro” has proved itself as a responsible contractor.
LLC “Termoelektro” applied modern technology and quality materials for the execution of work. The company is staffed by qualified engineering and operating personnel, has its own fleet of hoisting machines, welding equipment, tools.
Works at the unit were carried out in complete accordance with the requirements of the project, quality and on time.
ZAO “Energoproekt” recommends LLC “Termoelektro” as a reliable and highly skilled partner.
General director                                        Valery Zaytsev


OAO (JSC) “Foreign Economic Association

Letter of recommendation
OAO “VO "TECHNOPROMEXPORT” performs as a turnkey contractor of OAO “WGC-3” at the construction of Cherepetskaya GRES (TPP) in Tula region – coal units № 8&9, 225 MW each. Currently, “Termoelektro” LLC has been carrying out assembly & installation of steel constructions of the carcass of the main building of both units and erection of the boiler, unit № 8.
All operations have been fulfilled qualitatively, in accordance with the project, requirements of standart technical documentation and schedule of works.
We make special mention of good engineering, planning of works, preparedness of technical equipment and, also, professional competence of company management, erection specialists and welders.
OAO “VO "TECHNOPROMEXPORT” recommends “Termoelektro” LLC as a reliable business partner.
Deputy General director                                        Valery Ilyushin
for projects in Russia