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 Kharanorskaya GRES (TPP), Unit № 3, 225 MW, construction period: 2008-2011. Customer: OAO “WGC-3” (“The third generation company of the wholesale electricity market”). General contractor: ZAO "Energoproekt". “Termoelektro” carries out erection of carcasses of the main building, heat mechanic equipment, boiler and equipment of machinery hall. Total weight of steel constructions and all equipment – 22 133 tons. 

General view of Kharanorskaya GRES (TPP) 

Pre-assembly site 


Erection of steel constructions of the end of the boiler house, unit № 3 

 Erection of the part of the main building, unit № 3

Erection of the wall fencing of the end of the boiler house, unit  № 3


Erection of the service platforms of steam boiler E-630-13,8-565BT



Erection of the lateral panel of heating surface of steam boiler Е-630-13,8-565BТ



Erection of steam boiler E-630-13,8-565BT (screen steam superheater)

Erection of steam turbine К-225-12,8-3R: alignment of the flow part


Erection of the upper level  of the part of the main building, unit № 3

Installation  of the runner of generator




Erection of the auxiliary equipment of steam boiler (coal mill)